Mumbai Indians vs Pune Warriors and Chennai Super Kings vs Royal Challengers Bangalore - IPL Super Saturday

IPL 2013 Live Score

IPL 2013 Live Streaming online continues as underdogs keep performing good enough to keep strong sides like Kolkata or Delhi at the bottom of the table. Another victory yesterday for Sunrisers Hyderabad and they push Delhi even deeper into the bottom half of points table.

Here is the current points tally for IPL 2013 and we certainly expect a lot of shuffling around till the knock out stage:

So far Bangalore is topping the chart with three wins and better run rate than the second placed Hyderabad. Mumbai is on third followed by Rajasthan. Let us preview today's matches.

Mumbai Indians vs Pune Warriors at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai

Another Saturday treat for the Mumbai fans who can take the pleasure of watching this match live at the Wankhede Stadium. And after the match feel free to take a stride at the Queen's necklace and feel the soothing breeze near the sea! 

Mumbai Indians with a win here can reach the top of the table if Royal Challengers lose their match against Chennai today. Mumbai has better run rate as well. Pune Warriors finally found their feat in this year's IPL as they clinched a win in their third match.

Mumbai Indians batting has struck well this time but still they have their own concerns. They have world's best batsmen in the form of Ricky Ponting and Sachin Tendulkar but they haven't clicked yet. If they click this team would look unbeatable. Three players who have actually turned matches for Mumbai are Pollard, Karthik and Rohit Sharma. If the whole team can contribute, Mumbai Indians would be the team to beat in the following matches.

Pune Warriors can be a dangerous team if they find their form and take each match as their last match. All they lack is the killer instinct. They played well in the initial stages last year but lost the way completely after that and it seems they have still not recovered completely.

Chennai Super Kings vs Royal Challengers Bangalore at Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai

This could be the match of today and certainly a match of heavy weights. These two teams have always produced nail biters when they face each other. Gayle is unstoppable and so is Chennai Super Kings. So let us see how they stop each other today.

Gayle again proved his mettle by smashing 85 runs not out against the defending champions KKR. Chennai has been able to stop him too early in the past. If Chennai succeeds to do that today, they have the upper hand. Overall it is the Gayle factor that makes the difference between these two evenly matched teams.

Suresh Raina would be another batsman worth watch. Gayle has hit 150 plus sixes in IPL history and the second best in the line is Raina with 97 sixes. If Raina gets going, so does Chennai Super Kings. We can also expect some towering sixes from MS Dhoni.

Let us expect two great matches today followed by another Super Sunday at the Indian Premier League. 

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