IPL Match 68 - Rajasthan Royals vs Sunrisers Hyderabad Live Streaming

Rajasthan Royals vs Sunrisers Hyderabad Live Streaming

This IPL showcased more of the off-field stuffs that include showing frustration over umpire's decision, over enjoyment on taking a wicket, etc. Although these stuffs don't add any value to this gentlemen's game but it certainly adds the 'entertainment' factor for the crowd. Let us hope the game is played in its true spirits till the end and we see teams neck to neck not only in points tally but also in the fairplay award.

Rajasthan takes on Sunrisers Hyderabad in Hyderabad for IPL's match number 68. Rajasthan Royals is already through but they would win this won to try and get a position in the top two! Meanwhile Sunrisers Hyderabad are still very much in the race of play-offs and they will have to win this one to stay in contention.

Hyderabad were doing pretty well until they faced Mumbai Indians. This match remained in favour of Hyderabad until Pollard hammered Perera for lot of sixes. Pollard clinched an unbelievable win for Mumbai Indians thus putting Hyderabad in a big trouble. Now Hyderabad is in a must win situation against Rajasthan. 

The good part is Hyderabad's batting has improved in last few games. Bowling was always their strength but against Mumbai; sans Steyn, everyone else disappointed. Dale Steyn has bowled  his heart out in this IPL exactly the way he did last year. Although he doesn't get too many wickets, but he troubles the batsmen the most with his quality quick bowling. A lot would be expected from Karan Sharma, Amit Mishra and Ishant Sharma, if they can provide a good support to the frontline bowler Dale Steyn.

Meanwhile Rajasthan Royals have suffered a 14 runs loss against Mumbai Indians. A win against Mumbai could have taken them to second position. Dravid wasn't happy with umpire's decision and it is something new for all of us to see the "Wall" reacting in anger after the decision. Even Watson was disappointed after his dismissal after Pollard's reaction to his catch.
Dravid and Rahane have been the cornerstones for Rajasthan's batting so far. They have to contribute well if this team has to win the IPL this year. Watson is a man who won't play consistently well in all matches. But once he clicks, he will certainly win the match for you. He is one of the most explosive batsmen in current cricket. He bowls well too. 

Apart from these batsmen, Rajasthan is relieved to have good bowlers like Cooper and Faulkner. All they lack is a quality spinner. Overall Rajasthan looks favourite to win but they are not that good in away matches and looking at the way Hyderabad would be desperate to win this one; the home team seems to have an upper hand.

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