IPL benefits all!

Since the time IPL evolved, it has always seen two faces. It has been criticised by one section of the cricket fans and it has been applauded by the other. The first section believes it is slowly decreasing the importance of other formats of the game which is test cricket and ODI.

Pragmatically speaking, IPL has worked wonders for lot many people. There are huge number of players in big nations like India or Australia who can't make it to the national side. They work hard for years and years to make a place in the final squad of their respective countries. But is it possible for all of them. For an IPL entry, a guy who played domestic cricket and has certain T20 skills could make it. If not for the national team, atleast he could play for the leagues like IPL and make money for his livelihood.

Other good thing about IPL is it bring into picture some good players which generally would have gone unnoticed. Some new talents come up who are then selected to play for the national side atleast in the limited versions of the game.

Third thing, a cricketer who feels he should retire from a certain form of international cricket can invest his time in leagues like IPL which can make him earn a good amount. Things like IPL have earned a lot of fame and name. These leagues also gives job opportunities to people right from groundsmen, stadium staff, reporters, photographers, writers, commentators, ticket vendors and many more.

IPL benefits all of them. And above all it provides good entertainment to the cricket fans. IPL 5th edition begins in the month of April. Enjoy IPL live streaming cricket online.

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