Latest IPL 2012 News

Indian Premier League always creates news around the world as we all know it has luring factors which attracts cricketers from all over the world.

Let us have a look at the latest cricket news related to IPL 2012 edition:-

18 year old quicky and new sensation from the Australian cricket scenario, Pat Cummins said he is available for the IPL 2012 auction but he is not sure if he will play or not. He is recovering from an injury right now and he believes he will take a decision later on. It all depends on his priorities. If featuring in IPL hampers his duties towards the Australian national team, then he may opt out of IPL

Meanwhile Michael Clarke, the current Australian skipper has urged his team mates to prioritise country over IPL. Clarke agrees that IPL has a lovely format but the luring factors sometimes compels players to opt for it over the national duties. Not to forget Clarke himself opted to prioritise his national duties since the beginning of IPL in 2008. Although he doesn't expect his teammates to follow his footsteps but he hopes they will give more importance to International cricket.

We all remember the Maxx Mobile strategic time out in the IPL play offs? Isn't it? A news has come in that Maxx Mobile has decided to pull out of the IPL. They had signed a 3 year deal for IPL 2010 to 2012. There is still a year to go according to the contract. But they feel they didn't get the desired media coverage and hence they wish to terminate the contract. The final decision will be taken in the IPL governing body meeting.

Some news from England. Dimitri Mascarenhas is signed up for Kings XI Punjab in IPL 2012 and this moment he feels he is going to play. But he added his final decision will come only until March. He may opt not to play. He also has agreed to a new contract with Hampshire and if he visits India for IPL, he may miss the beginning of County Championship.

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