Pune vs Punjab and Bangalore vs Hyderabad - IPL Super Sunday Live Streaming

IPL 2013 Live Streaming

Excitement grows on if we have more such matches as we saw last night when MI clinched a win against CSK. What an innings by Pollard and MS Dhoni! Well played to both the teams. Let us hope we get another good matches today as we enter Super Sunday and see Pune Warriors vs Kings XI Punjab and Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Pune Warriors India vs Kings XI Punjab (Match 1)
Pune Warriors at times looks the weakest team in the tournament and so did we observe in their first match. Its their turn again and this time against Gilchrist led Kings XI Punjab. Pune Warriors are looking for revival at home as they play at Subroto Roy Sahara Stadium.

Certainly we can't draw conclusions about any team as we have hardly entered the IPL 2013! Teams like Pune or CSK who lost their first match may bounce back very hard to see themselves in the semis. We never know - It's cricket! So let us expect some strong performance from Pune Warriors today.

Last year these two teams played each other twice. Kings XI won one match and Pune managed to win one too. So today is an opportunity to come out of even stevens and go a step ahead for either of the teams. Pune's pitch has a lot of uncertainties so hard to predict an ideal score. Last year we saw few high scoring games and few dull batting moments as well.

Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Sunrisers Hyderabad (Match 2)
This certainly looks to be an exciting contest! Chris Gayle storm blows away many teams single handedly and if he fails we have seen Royal Challengers falling like cards! On the other hand Dale Steyn gun fires hard to dismantle the opposition. So certainly an exciting tussle between the likes of Gayle and Steyn.

Sunrisers are almost the same players retained from Deccan Chargers. But the team now looks more charged up. Last year they posted huge totals but failed to defend. Last match was something the other way round. They posted an at par total but defended it beautifully thanks to their lovely economical bowling.

Royal Challengers doesn't have an impressive record in Hyderabad. This also gives an upper hand to Sunrisers. If Sunrisers manage to get Gayle out sooner, the home team will feel at the top! Then a lot would depend on the likes of Kohli and Dilshan. Above all the bowling friendly conditions in Hyderabad will make the Steyns, Muralitharans and Mishras happy.

So gear up for another exciting day of IPL 2013 live streaming online updates. A lot of excitement to follow with so many matches lined up and points table swinging like a see-saw.

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